[EV] See you at 34C3: Meet the awesome projects we'll be taking to 34C3

by deantonious | 2017-12-15 13:54
What's going on the next 26 December 2017? I'll be flying to Frankfurt where Spacehuhn, Seytonic, xdavidhu, k4m4 and I will meet to take a train to Leipzig, where the 34C3 will take place! We won't only be showing off our projects (I'll take hackOx with me), we have been working on our Wifi Satellite: a device made with 14 wifi packet monitoring boards attached together on a 3d printed satellite looking holder.

You'll find us at the SCHInfo Assembly´╗┐ where we'll be organizing some small sessions to show off our projects like the ones showed on this awesome flyer we've made: