Hey! I’m deantonious, a Computer Engineering student, software developer (C, C++, Java, C#, PHP, JavaScript, Python), gamer and hacker based in Madrid, Spain. I've developed lots of projects and cofounded TechTalents, InnSecure and Overcade.

I spend most of my time working on my projects and trying to get everything documented.

On this site I’ll post tutorials, videos, resources and everything else you can expect from a developer (mostly in English)!

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  • 2 hours: Fixed after moving the gpu to another pci port xD
  • 2 hours: @titel_tm After cleaning the cmos, checking the ram, testing the power supply and cpu cooling it worked after moving the gpu to another PCI express port hehehe https://t.co/RnJMxxbqJu
  • 2 hours: @titel_tm Yeah it probably doesn't seem to be the ssd. If the gpu is the problem it should still boot and initialize the hid devices without it 🤔
  • 2 hours: 2. Reset CMOS. No changes.
  • 2 hours: 1. Install buzzer and check if pc returns beep code. Beeps once on power on. No more beeps.
  • 13 hours: Tomorrow will be a looooong troubleshooting day with my desktop PC to find what fucked it. Turns on, but screens won't show anything and usb hid devices won't light on. This is going to be hard to solve. Could be cpu cooling, dead ssd or dead gpu. No video port on motherboard :D
  • 13 hours: Fuck. I think my pc ssd just died :(
  • 15 hours: RT @sam_bambs: Theresa May as bottles of Tresemmé. A thread: https://t.co/vEjHEHveSG