Welcome to my website. I’m a 19 year old Computer Engineering student, software developer (C, C++, Java, C#, PHP, JavaScript, Python), gamer, maker and security researcher from Madrid, Spain. I've been online since I was really young and since then I've done lots of projects and founded TechTalents, InnSecure and FrizzyElectronics.

You'll usually find me developing projects and researching about hacking and robotics. But not everything everything is about technology! I really love nature, photography and music.

And what about this site? I’ve created this website (with a nice content loading system) to share my projects with everyone. I’ll post tutorials, videos, resources and everything else you can expect from a developer/hacker (I'll post everything in English)!

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  • 4 hours: RT @TigrilloTW: Real, diversa, abierta. ESTA es la televisión que nos merecemos. Esto sí. #OTGala7 https://t.co/l9nx4E1UfL
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  • 15 hours: RT @Cadiducho: @deantonious deberíamos acabar ya con la tontería de que propagar ideologías que se basan en el odio y en exterminar al dife…
  • 16 hours: Hace unos días uno de mi carrera me dijo que prohibir las esvásticas o las banderas fascistas sería acabar con la libertad de expresión y que si una bandera 🌈 es legal, la del pollo también... 🙄🙄🙄
  • 19 hours: @elonmusk Seems like Cave Johnson and his lemon grenades 😂😂😂