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Hey! I’m deantonious, a Computer Engineer based in Madrid, Spain. Passionate about computers, open-source projects, hacking, traveling and videogames. I spend most of my time working on projects, researching or coding random stuff. I speak Spanish, English, C, C++, Java, C#, PHP, JavaScript and Python. Proud member of MysteryHack!




hackOx is a modular, fully customizable web-based pentesting interface. It can be operated in portable mode in which you connect to the device or in client-server mode, where different devices are connected and controlled by a server. The interface can be customized by adding modules (which extend the core functions) and apps (which are scripts that after running generates an output).

Bill Badge

Real life multiplayer game for all ages for #36C3 - Website

Penguicorn Badge

Hacker badge powered by an ESP8266. With CC1101, NRF24L01, Oled Screen, RGB WS2812B Leds and 2xSAO Connectors! Awesome board by @davedarko

#36c3 Fox Hunt

WiFi fox hunt for 36th Chaos Communication Congress

WiFi Duck Interface

Official user control interface of Spacehuhn's Wifi Duck - Website

#35c3 Wifi Satellite

Redesigned version of the #34C3 Wifi Satellite. Enhanced with newer boards, LEGO cross axes, longer cables and improved sync.

#34c3 Wifi Satellite

We designed this device on an attempt to build a cheaper version of the Wifi Cactus using 14 ESP32 boards with OLED screens and SD card slots to display and log the 2.4GHz channels traffic.


Tool for generating unicode evil domains for IDN Homograph Attack and detect them (command line version made for hackOx)


Create custom HTTP/HTTPS requests and saves the output to a text file. This is really useful for some CTF challenges and Web Pentesting.

WiFi Deauther Interface

Clean default web interface for Spacehuhn's wifi deauther software.



"Students also like to eat every day" - Spacehuhn the wise