[SW] Requester: Custom HTTP/HTTPS request builder

by deantonious | 2017-04-22 18:40

Create custom HTTP/HTTPS requests and saves the output to a text file. This is really useful for some CTF challenges and Web Pentesting. (Made to work with Python 3.6.1)

Command Usage

helpDisplay command reference
header [type] [value]Add/Remove header (use ‘header [type]' to remove a heder)
parameter [name] [value]Add/Remove parameter (use ‘parameter [name]' to remove a parameter)
cookie [name] [value]Add/Remove cookie (use ‘cookie [name]' to remove a cookie)
optionsDisplay request options (use ‘options reset' to reset them all)
set [option] [value] Set option value
sendExecute request
exitQuit Requester console

Installation and usage example

  1. Download the script to your computer and run it from terminal
  2. Set the target url with "set url http://example.com"
  3. Set the request method with "set method [POST|GET]" (by default it's set to GET)
  4. (Optional) Set the request headers (if it is already set, you'll remove it)
  5. (Optional) Add parameters to the request with "parameter user username" (if it is already set, you'll remove it)
  6. (Optional) Add cookies to the request with "cookies id 32lo2v46ol45hhl" (if it is already set, you'll remove it)
  7. (Optional) Set the file output mode with "set output console"8. Send the request with "send"

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